Friday, September 5, 2014

Tutorial: How to make Gatorade Gunny Sacks

Last night the critters and I were at the Pleasant Grove Promenade again for the last event of the season. I had afew of my Gatorade Gunny Sacks there, and people were wondering what they were for. My suggestions were colored pencils, gum, and change. What more does a kid need to tote around, right? Plus, it's a green way to do it.

Tonight and tomorrow some of my gunny sacks are at the Rehive event I mentioned in the last post. I just took the critters over there this morning. The place looks great, and if you are in town you have to stop by at least just to see the facilities the event is in. So cool and full of vintage awesomeness!

This project can be made from a clean Gatorade bottle, or I have found that Powerade works as well. For this project, you will need a good box knife and an awl. I got my awl several years ago for a college bookbinding course. I was surprised that even though I had never heard of it, the tool was a common find at the fabric store.

First, notice the first indent in the bottle design down from the cap. This is where you use the box knife to cut the bottle. Using caution, run the knife along the indent all the way around the bottle. photo 1caabff3-e1d5-491f-aa11-d3391afb8323.jpg
Second, using caution, use the awl to make evenly spaced holes all the way around the bottle on the next remaining indent in the bottle. This will be the indent just down from where you cut.
 photo DSC05035.jpg
Third, cut from a scrap piece of fabric a rectangular piece that is 11.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. Folding over one of the long sides twice, create a hem that is about half an inch wide. (Make the hem about twice this size for a Powerade Gunny Sack.)  photo 148500a1-52ad-4bea-b3e6-f804fb196028.jpg
Fourth, on the opposite side of both short ends, you will be folding over a quarter inch of fabric and sewing it to about 1.5 inches long.
 photo 589a6a7a-06b3-4546-b779-d087b510d37c.jpg
Fifth, place the found string or ribbon across the top of the fabric the long way, about half an inch from the top. (Side without the long half inch hem.) Fold over the fabric. The string should now be enclosed in the small hem you made on the short sides of the cloth. Pin and hem, being careful not to catch the string as you sew.
 photo 9683d96b-c07b-4d99-a90e-27a19cc102dc.jpg
Sixth, fold over the short sides of the fabric to match the short hem. Place them together, squared, and sew down the outside on the right side of the fabric, only from the hem stitch that goes lengthwise across the top by the string all the way to the bottom.
 photo faa25dac-5301-4e94-a387-bc386cb4ce9e.jpg
Seventh, put the lower hem around the top edge of the cut bottle. It should be a fairly snug fit. Use embroidery floss to sew the fabric to the bottle by putting floss first through the fabric just above the hem, and then through the hole made with the awl. Continue around the bottle and tie it off.
 photo 741a4588-3957-47ad-87e4-621dcc92aff0.jpg
Then you are done!
 photo 586bee38-29b6-467c-b0d9-594bd41758de.jpg
Here are some of my gunny sacks made with Powerade bottles. photo e331118a-e777-46e1-b313-5bd5d4e06073.jpg
Thanks for ucycling and enjoy!

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